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Should you practice putting lotion on face after a shower?

Moisturizing your skin for making it look healthier is essential. Applying lotion to your body is essential for you to surely.

People often neglect the importance of skin care due to busy schedules and other reasons, but putting on lotion on your body is a simple practice that can benefit you majorly.

We are discussing what the benefits of applying lotion on your face after a shower are and how does it assist your body in repairing and becoming soften.

If you are also confused, then consider the details stated below regarding putting on lotion on your face.

When to put on lotion on the face?

We are well known to the different skin types and textures that should be taken seriously in order to protect it and stay away from inappropriate skin products.


Oily skin and dry skin is the hardest to tackle as they are opposite and requires conciseness while choosing products for your skin.

For people with dry skin should put lotion on your face after a shower instead of before. When you shower, then natural oils are washed away present on your skin.

It is essential to moisturize natural skin from time to time for preventing it from dryness and patchiness.

The key point is to find the balance between wet skim so that maximizing how much you lock in that keeps your skin freshen up for a longer time.

Some of the water is present on the skin, but lotions do have water quantity in it. It would be more appropriate for people to be choosing for skin lotion according to their skin requirement as oily skin requires lotion with lesser oiliness, whereas dry skin requires lotion with more creaminess.

Gel type lotions are suitable for oily skin, whereas heavily textured lotion is considerable for dry skin; so, you need to be concise.

The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can surely conclude to the aspect that it is appropriate for you to choose to put lotion on your skin depending on its requirement.

However, use face lotion after the shower is more optimal as making your face hydrated and moisturized even oily skin people can consider for this routine.

In addition, lotion that one is considering must be suitable for their skin type for not going through the hassle of skin damage.