Sponsored blog post yes, you can have your app, product or service covered as a blog post on the front page. This post will be written like any other post by one of our writers except it will be clearly labelled as sponsored. Sponsored posts do not guarantee positive review for your product or service. Bonus: The sponsored blog post will be shared across our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for free as part of the package.

Sponsored video reach our fast growing 20,000+ strong YouTube audience via sponsored video review. This video will be clearly labelled as sponsored. Sponsored videos do not guarantee a positive review of your product. Bonus: This will include free sponsored blog post on main website with video embedded, as well as share on both Facebook and Twitter handles.

Sponsored Facebook share reach our nearly 250,000+ Facebook fans in a status update. This can include an image as well. This sponsored Facebook share will be clearly labelled as ad.

For enquiries on above advertising options, sending in your products for review, or to discuss any other advertising related opportunity, get in touch with us directly at: admin [at] soamcontest [dot] com or via our form: